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Naturally Minimal

Decluttering and Simple Living

Are you comfortable in your own life?

We are not perfect, you and I.

We get lost in our minds; distracted by the unnecessary.

We surround ourselves with possessions; we eat for comfort and slather our bodies with potions to appear younger.

And yet, we are not happy.

At times like these, we need practical help, advice, and encouragement.

Learn the Naturally Minimal way; live simply, live free.

Let's start with the house

Decluttering Service - Somerset & Essex

Armed with boxes, labels, enthusiasm and a smile; we’ll sort the clutter one bag at a time.
We’ll organise the things you want to keep, and create storage systems that work with your lifestyle.
We’ll throw out the rubbish, and donate or sell the rest.
We’ll talk about maintaining the space and techniques to keep sorting when I’ve gone; although I’m always here for encouragement and support.

Desk with Stationary

Quick Declutter

Shoes you haven't seen since 2014?

For a  quick sort out, or a push to get started on your own.

Bedroom Cabinet

Rescue a Room

Struggling to get in the spare room?

Transform the dumping ground into a useable space.

Cute Cat

I Can't Find the Cat

Has it all gone too far?

Ongoing sessions for the whole house.

Serving Somerset & Essex. Please contact me for more information.

The Way It’s Meant to Be

About Naturally Minimal

Millie Jay - Simple Living & Minimalist Consultant, Professional Organiser, Natural Food & Skincare Advisor.

I started my quest for a simpler life in 2010; convinced I wanted a vintage-pottery shop, some six months later I found myself depressed, trapped and seeking fulfilment.

Armed only with a car and a sleeping bag, I set off to explore the country and never looked back.

I now live in a van; I have everything I need and enough of what I want.

I embody the simple, minimalistic lifestyle; for every possession and thought has a purpose.

Naturally Minimal was born from my desire to share this ethos with others; so that more people can live simply and live free.

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