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Admitting we need help can often be difficult, but it needn’t be scary. I’m not here to judge you, I’ve met people from all walks of life and our idea of home is different. What is important is that you are here, trying to change, and that is the hardest part.

These questions will hopefully calm some of these [understandable] fears, about letting someone into our homes

If you have any other questions, please call today for your free consultation, and I would be more than happy to help.

What is Minimalism?

It is a conscious decision to have less; it’s not living in a white-walled room devoid of life, but to surround ourselves with what we need and what we love. Things that bring a smile to our face, complement us, encourage us to achieve more and importantly, allow us to be true to ourselves. Minimalism is to remove the unnecessary from our homes, body and minds; living simply and living free.

How long will it take?

No idea. How many boxes do you have? Are they filled with thousands of buttons, or two pillows? There are just too many variables for me to quote a job on the phone and sometimes even in person. It also depends on how quickly you’re able to work – with some people we can clear a drawer in 5 minutes, for others it could take 30 minutes as they’re finding it hard to let go.

What happens in a decluttering  session?

We say hello. We have tea. We talk about you, your life and your house. We decide on a plan. We get started on the organising. We put things in boxes. We clean as we go. We stop for lunch. We admire our work. We carry on. We start winding down. We leave the room better than we found it. We have another cup of tea. We talk about how you feel now. I go home and have more tea.

Will you make me throw away all my stuff?

No, if I did that, how will you make the tea! I’m not here to ‘make’ you do anything. I’m here to support and guide you, as you decide what is and isn’t necessary in your life. Only you know what you want I’m here to listen and nudge you in the right direction.

What happens to the things I don’t want?

Whatever you want - bin, donate, gift or sell. There are many local community projects and charity shops that urgently need donations. I can take these items to a project, charity or the local tip [fee applicable]. I’ve over 10-years experience working in the second-hand business, and I am able to advise you if something is worth selling, or getting appraised. I can also arrange for someone to sell the more valuable items on eBay for a commission – please contact me for more information.

I really need help, but I can’t afford your rates, what should I do?

Call me! Don’t be embarrassed etc. I offer reduced rates to those who need it. Yes, I need money to survive, but I’m human too; I’m here to help people, not only those who can afford it. Contact me today for a free, confidential and understanding consultation.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

If you have any further questions, please contact me on 07476 985511


Millie Jay – Naturally Minimal

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